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Drip Irrigation PE Pipe

  • Category:Irrigation system
  • Keyword:Drip Irrigation Pipe
  • Views:394times
  • Release date:2018-01-05
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    1.It is suitable to annual crops by its accurate equalized irrigation.
    2.Clogging free for the nursing solution of hydroponic.
    3.It is ***ailable to irrigate vast area at same time with low volume.
    4.Superior durability with raw material of chemical-proof and anti-ultr***iolet rays.
    5.Additional insert of the high-technology of dripper inside the hose.
    6.Preventing over moisture in the air and controlling appearance of harmful insects in the greenhouse.

    Greenhouse:Cucumber,Strawberry,Tomato,Watermelon etc.
    Pome culture:Grape,Kiwi,Apple,Pear,Oranges,and etc.
    Land cultivation:Tobacco,Ginseng,Pepper,Watermelon etc.

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