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PB feed pipes

PB tube

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  • Release date:2018-01-03
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  • Product Features:

    -  Light weight, easy transportation and installation
    -  Chemical stability and durability: service life of up to 100 years
    -  UV-ray and corrosion resistance, assuring high quality of purified water
    -  Low and high temperature resistance: performs well under the temperature from -20ºC   to 110ºC
    -  High flow capacity with smooth su***ce
    -  No leakage assurance with butt welding
    -  Energy s***ing: 30% less than that of steel pipe
    -  Easy maintenance and renovation: does not bond with concrete

    Product Application:

    1.Water supply pipe (health) and hot water pipe.
    2.Heating pipe.
    3.Air conditioning use industrial pipe.
    4. Agriculture and gardening pipe,
    5. Snow removal pipe.
    6. Hot spring pipe.
    7. Fire sprinkler system with pipe.

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