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Plastic pipe for underfloor heating

  • Category:PERT floor heating pipe
  • Keyword:Mainfold
  • Views:661times
  • Release date:2017-12-19
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  • PE-RT physical mechanics performance

    1. Good thermal stability & long-term resistance of pressure
    2. Excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking performance

    3. Good flexibility and toughness
    4. Ability of low-temperature impact resistance
    5. Excellent Oxygen insulation performance
    6. Excellent health performance

    Applications of PE-RT Pipe

    1. floor heating system of residential rooms, public building, bathroom and swimming.
    2. using as the pipe of underfloor heating in residential system.

    3. hot and cold water supply and pipeline of drinking water system.
    4. pipeline of beverage alcohol and milk in food industry.

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