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Product advantage

Published:2017/8/11 17:14:13

. Zero Leaks. HDPE pipe is jointed by a heat fusion process that forms joints are leak-free. This design eliminates the potential leak points every 20 feet which can occur with PVC & ductile iron pipe.

. Long service life. Pipe could be used more than 50 years in the temperature range -60℃-+60℃.

. Flexibility shakeproof. Material is resistant to impact , pipe and fittings wont crack during winter construction.

. Lightweight. HDPE pipe is lightweight for transportation and does not require the use of he***y lifting equipment for installation.

. Best for the environment. HDEP is the safest, most environmentally friendly pipe material, poisonless and tasteless, it can be recycled and used.

. High cost-effective. The abrasion resistance of PE pipe & fittings is 4 times of ductile iron, piping system has longer service life and better economic model. Compare with PVC, total investment in project can reduce more than 66% in 50 years.


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